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Annual Conference 17th & 18th June 2011  

“Fit to Face the Future, Fit to Shape the Future”                                    

MacDonald Manchester Hotel & Spa, London Road, Manchester, M1 2PG, GB

The programme is available for download here FMS Annual Conference 2011 along with some of the presentations:
Dick Hallam, National Music Education Grant Director -Dick Hallam FMS Conference
Mark Phillips, HMI National Adviser for Music - Recognising music services through inspection
Adrian Chappell, Musical Bridges - FMS Hubs Musical Bridges Conference presentation
Chris Finn, Curious Minds - Curious Minds FMS Conference
Louise McCartney, Bates Wells & Braithwaite - Employment Law 
Erica Crump, Bates Wells & Braithwaite - Transferring Services to Independent Charities or Entities
Susanna Eastburn, Laura Gander Howe, ACE - Bridge Organisations

Conference Photos

Conference Photographic Competition

The ‘Spot the Emerging Leader’ Competition photos with names are here…
Alun F Williams, Head of Gwent Music Service
John Treherne, head of Gateshead Music Service, playing the piano
Andy Gleadhill, Head of Bristol Arts and Music Service, playing the drums
Karen Brock playing the oboe in red sandals, Head of Tower Hamlets Arts & Music Education Services
Sue Beckett, Head of Portsmouth Music Service, playing the recorder
Peter Hayward Head of Lewisham Music Service, is the chorister on the right.
Philip Chapman, Head of Isle of Wight Music Service, is the far cellist playing in c. 1972 for the National Youth Orchestra of Wales
Lynn Holman Fox and Mick Blake c. 1978 playing in the German Oompah band. Lynn, Head of Barnet Music Education Services, is the only female, and Mick, head of Harrow Music Service, is playing the trumpet on the front left with a moustache!