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A message from our incoming Chief Executive

I am delighted to have joined FMS as the Chief Executive.  In June I was able to attend the FMS conference in Belfast and I felt privileged to see the Celtic Fusion performance (featuring drummers, dancers and traditional musicians).  As someone who is new to the area of music education I was moved by the passion and skill of all the performers.  I was struck by the fact that these young people had clearly benefited from strong and proper leadership from their music services, encouraging and enabling them to fully develop their skills and their confidence.

I have joined FMS at a time of political and economic challenges and I am determined to work with you to ensure that, through FMS, music services receive the respect and acknowledgment they deserve.  The FMS needs to be better recognised for the excellent work it does, to receive more credit, to flourish and to establish its proper role within the sector.

I want to work closely with FMS members, to listen to your views, opinions and concerns and to establish clear strategies with you to meet the needs of a diverse sector.  I want to have a dialogue with music services, their workforces and the wider sector.  Through these conversations I will be able to ensure that I can undertake effective advocacy and lobbying for music services at the highest level.

I believe passionately in the value that the arts can play in the lives of all children and young people.  I have over 20 years experience working across all art forms and supporting children and young people’s development through creative and cultural education.  I have a proven track record in leading organisations and lobbying on their behalf.

Finally I want to thank John Witchell for the excellent work he has done as FMS Chief Executive over the last 3 years.  I am pleased to report that, as a result of John’s letter, I have been invited to meet with Nick Gibb, when parliament reconvenes.

I look forward to hearing from you; my email address is .  I plan to visit all regions over the next few months and hope to meet with as many of you as possible.
Virginia Haworth-Galt

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