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Impact Evaluation of Wider Opportunities Programme in Music at Key Stage Two

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Ten years ago who would have thought that every child would have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument during their time at primary school?  It seemed to be an impossible dream.  We had insufficient teachers, instruments and money to even consider such an undertaking - although many people thought it a good idea.  Yet now, with the combined vision of the government, the music services and local authorities, together with schools and teachers, the programme ‘Wider Opportunities in Music’ is well on the way to making it happen.


This vivid research report, written by Professor Anne Bamford and Paul Glinkowski, tells us very clearly about the impact of the programme – how, at its best, it can transform the lives of children, giving them a sense of pride and achievement, whilst providing them with a real opportunity to learn an instrument in a large group.  This programme is about giving a child the opportunity, indeed the entitlement, to learn an instrument for a year – free of charge – and then giving them the choice of whether to continue or not.


In my rôle as the Music Director of the Hallé I have always been passionate about enabling music – in all its forms – to be part of a child’s early life.  I am conscious of all those who may have talent but have not had the same opportunities as I did to make a career in music.  This report tells us that we have made a superb start in offering instrumental tuition to everyone, but it clearly sets out how we need to continue the investment, especially in tackling the real challenge of how children progress beyond the first year.


It tells us that we have started something which we must continue – for the sake of all children and the musical life of our country.

Sir Mark Elder CBE

Music Director, the Hallé Orchestra


Wow it’s music next! press release January 2010

Wow it’s music next - research key findings


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